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Barb A.

The foot reflexology and massages are the best value in town.  Ying and her staff are real professionals and are completely competent at what they do.  I try to go every week as it's not only healthy, but a real stress reducer.

Marty S.

I happened to see this store driving by and stopped in for an appointment. It is probably one of the best things I have ever done! Ying is a fantastic reflexology massage technician and she does hair also. This place is clean, friendly, and customer service oriented. The price is right too! A+ in my books!

Tim C.

Amazing massage! These ladies are awesome! I got my entire body beat up. It was the best massage I ever had, I will be sore tomorrow! She was literally on top of me using her knees on my back! My pregnant wife (due any day) got all the pressure points worked. We each got 60 mins a great deal with the tip included! Go to Yings!

Keying W.

Ying's Hairstyles, is a wonderful place to come to to help your body unwind.  The tension seems to fade away, as your feet rest in soothing water. While the therapist  works the tension and tightness from the neck, shoulders, arms. Then they work your feet, back, arms and legs.

Chinese reflexology helps the body to release its toxins and increase the blood flow through the body to bring the bodies natural healing powers to the troubled areas. 

I am a construction worker. No matter what line of work we do, we seem to never take enough time to help ourselves feel better. I have found that massage helps, to take the edge off the tension and stress, at first. Then I started asking a few questions and read alittle about the bodies way of taking care of itself. We do this naturally without even thinking. Example; your leg aches so you apply pressure to the area of concern and maybe even rub alittle. What you are doing is a form of accupressure and increasing the energy flow to the area of discomfort, thus,  making the discomfort subside a little and even sometimes go away. So I started going more often for Chinese Reflexology and Chinese Foot Massage, because these types of massage target making the body take care of it self. These types of massage target the many functions of the body, ex. eyes, shoulders, bladder, legs, circulation, liver for just a few.

I tried several different places, but found Ying and Her staff very knowledgeable. They work very hard to help.  I have been going to Ying for 3 years now. I know that after the reflexology and foot massage I feel better and my cares are a little less for a time. I look forward to the next time I am able to sit in her chair and forget for a little while.

Ying was trained in China, where she is from, by Traditional Chinese Medicine Practioneers. When she came to America she went to a Massage school in California where she increased her knowledge. She worked for several places, but found she wanted her own place. Ying works very hard to help with your discomforts, aches and pains. Please stop by and give, Ying's Hairstyles Chinese Reflexology and Chinese Foot Massage a try. 

Thanks, Allan.W.  Denver, Co. 

Jenny U.

Absolutely phenomenal massage and accupressure technique - I have been to expensive spas, chain massage stores, etc. and this place consistently delivers the best and most effective massage at the most ridiculously cheap rate. Plus, when I was overdue with my youngest son, they were able to induce my labor with their pressure point manipulation in my feet and ankles! I will go back as often as our budget permits - it's cheaper than our doctor's copay!

Charlotte W.

These ladies know their stuff. They are knowledgeable in reflexology, hand massage, foot massage, and Sandi can even cut and color your hair. Great place. Very friendly, and the prices are so great you can return again and again.

Emily G.

You cannot find a better reflexology massage for less!  The masseurs work very hard and do an incredibly thorough job.  I will go back again and again.

Leah R.

A little known gem!  I just got finished receiving a 1-hour foot massage for $25 dollars and was delighted to realize that this includes a scalp, shoulder, leg and back rub along with hot tea! There is no value like this anywhere on the Front Range! Ying also provides 15 years of experience in haircutting with killer deals for men, women and children.  I received a goodbye hug and will definitely be back.