The reflex areas of the hands, feet, head, face and ear, correspond to specific organs, glands & other parts of the body...


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Chinese Massage

Has been used in China for over 2000 yrs. Is based on Traditional Chinese Medical theory of the bodies ability to heal itself...

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You will then be asked about any pressure you may be experiencing, any particular tender spots, and any troubled areas they should be careful with, such as a recent injury, surgery or limited motion areas.

Upon completion of the upper body relaxation massage, your feet will be removed from the water, dried and wrapped in a towel to keep them warm.

They will take one of your feet and start messaging oils into your foot.

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You will have pressure applied to various points on your foot that are related to the many functions of the body.

At the same time they will also be moving and massaging the ankle and the calf, to allow the tension to flow from the body.

After completing this portion, they will take a hot towel and rub the foot, ankle and calf to remove any excess oils. Your foot will then be wrapped in a towel to keep it warm and relaxed.

You will then have the same process repeated on your other foot, ankle and calf.

The person massaging you will then assist you in turning over in the chair, lying face down.

Your back shoulders, neck, arms and back of legs will be massaged to finish the relaxation process.

You will then be assisted in turning over and asked if you would like some tea or water. 

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You are taken to the massage area and seated in one of our comfortable massage chairs.

You are asked to remove your foot wear and if you would like tea or water.

The person who will message you, will bring out warm water mixed with soothing salts and put your feet in to soak.

They will then cover you with a towel to keep you warm and comfortable.

The massage will start with your neck, shoulders, arms, scalp and hands to relieve the tension so you will be able to better relax.